About Us

Welcome to Wolfybeds.

At Wolfybeds, we pride ourselves on the quality of our luxury pet beds and accessories.

We are a family team who are passionate about dogs. Our journey began when we needed to buy a new bed for Frank, the oldest of our Labradors. A long and fruitless search around countless pet shops followed. We were constantly disappointed with the style, quality and practicality of the beds on sale. From cheap unstyled cushions to bizarre overpriced and over designed creations, we have seen them all in our quest!


Frank, our beautiful 16yr old LabradorFrank, our beautiful 16yr old Labrador
Frank, our beautiful 16yr old Labrador

One or two beds certainly caught our eye but the excessively high prices proved prohibitive. Our predicament inspired us to design our own bed. It occurred to us that many other pet owners would have the same problem, unable to find a tasteful and stylish bed that fulfilled all their requirements, as well as providing complete comfort and warmth for their pet. And so it had to be. Wolfybeds was born.

Our commitment to quality has seen us collaborate with several pet bedding manufacturers in pursuit of the perfect dog bed. After carefully inspecting numerous samples from different companies, we are confident that we have created pet bedding that fulfils everything that the discerning pet owner would want – the ultimate in luxury and comfort for your precious pet whilst beautifully complementing your home and décor at an attractive price.

As well as designing luxury durable bedding, Wolfybeds believe that pet toys and accessories should be safe as well as fun! We have road tested several products on the market (our oldest Labrador was a serious power chewer in his younger days!). Our personal experience has enabled us to bring you our quality playtime and mealtime range.

We hope you enjoy browsing round our shop, feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

The Wolfybeds team